Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I got another $625 a few hours ago
Chlisy Motheb: for more information http://www.fighttheforcesofevil.com/?id=chriss

Luis Fernando just gave you a 'Viral Blogging System' commission... Inbox

Jul 23 21:58 To: chrissmosby@gmail Show details

Congratulations Chriss!

You just earned a residual commission from the Empower Network Viral Blogging System from:

Luis Fernando Vilalba Silva, luisfvilalba2000@bol.com.br

You should send Luis Fernando a quick email and tell them:

“Thanks for the commission! The next one is going to YOU!”
If you don't understand our compensation plan, and have no idea why you're getting this commission, I EXPLAIN it in our new member Fast Start Coaching, which you can see here:

“How To Earn $3,000 Daily…” http://empowernetwork.com/member-coaching

That new members details are below for your records as well:

Rodrigo Devaster Melo, rdevastervimelo98@terra.com.br

Make SURE that you call your new member, and make sure that they get access to their special ‘Fast Start Training’ – you can give them access here:

“Fast Start Training” https://www.empowernetwork.com/Members#product=1

Keep up the GREAT work – it's WORKING for your team, too!

Keep doing what you're doing, and sending people to the sales video. Because your TEAM is succeeding!

It's working!

You can do it!

-David Wood “The Commission Slayer”
Chlisy Motheb: for more information http://www.fighttheforcesofevil.com/?id=chriss

P.S. Below is the unique links you can use to continue getting $25, $100, $500, $1,000 and even $3,000 commissions.

Your capture page is: http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret? id=chriss

Your sales page is: http://www.empowernetwork.com/commissionloophole?id=chriss

You should include your referral link as a signature in ALL your emails and communications.

In fact, I'd login to Facebook right now, and tell everyone that you just got a $25 commission from work that you DIDN'T EVEN DO, and are about ready to earn another $200 :)

You can create a link to post on Facebook by going to http://www.badasscontent.com and creating a link using your capture page!

You're doing great!

DISCLAIMER: We're excited to send you this email, however please keep in mind that it is automatically generated and is subject to final commission accounting prior to payout. This email is not a guarantee of commission or earnings and any/all commissions are only made final when loaded onto your chosen payment method (e-wallet, etc.)

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Empower Network is dedicated to customer support, and solving your problems. If you experience any technical issues with our system, compensation plan, or have a billing question – please put in a support ticket here:

http://support.empowernetwork. com

You can also contact our customer support department by phone, Monday through Friday at 1-888-262-1934. Our staff knows to solve billing issues first, because your information and account is always safe and secure at Empower Network – we're dedicated to your success. Thank you.

Empower Network, LLC | 146 Second Street North, Suite 201 | St Petersburg, Florida 33701 | 1-888-262-1934

You are receiving this email as a member  Chlisy Motheb: http://www. fighttheforcesofevil.com/?id=chriss
Chlisy Motheb: http://www.fighttheforcesofevil.com/?id=chriss
7/24/2014] Chlisy Motheb: for more information http://www.fighttheforcesofevil.com/?id=chriss

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