Friday, 18 July 2014

Can Traffic Make You Do This?

White Man Peeing - July 2014 - BellaNaija.com 02A photo of a white man in Nigeria “easing himself” (as we say) at the side of a bridge during rush hour traffic has gone viral!
It has everyone talking – some supportive, others not so much. From outrage, “mschew, can he do this in country?” to empathy, “Mehn that Lagos traffic is not easy o!”
In the BN hub, someone shared a story of her good friend who couldn’t hold it anymore. On their way back from university, there was SO much traffic. After being ‘pressed’ for so long, the friend used a plastic bag that they had just gotten from an eatery, formed into a bowl, and … you guessed  it! She said she can’t look at her friend the same way again … and who can blame her? Lol
So many men have confessed to peeing in a bottle while traveling in buses on long trips (they say it’s better than the dirty toilet!)
It isn’t the first time a Lagosian has relieved themselves in public and certainly won’t be the last!
Where do you stand? Have you ever seen someone relieve themselves in public? Would you ever if push comes to shove? Have you ever already ;) ? Are you an apologetic offender?
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